Medical Relief International is a global charity that operates in some of the most deprived countries in the world which include Africa, Pakistan, Syria, Palestine and the UK. Working in some of the most remote areas of the World, Medical Relief International is striving to end poverty. We recognise our first responsibility is towards our neighbours. At least 4.7 million people in the UK live in food poverty, 1 million families have resorted to use EMERGENCY food supplies in 2014.  We are working in partnership with leading charities to raise the profile of child poverty issues in the UK and deliver projects to tackle this increasing problem. In addition, our primary focus is Syria, Palistine and South Asia where there are highest rates of child mortality, poverty and deprivation. Our focus on these regions reflects our commitment to making a difference to the lives of those who are most disadvantaged. We are able to implement wide ranging projects that bring real and positive change to the lives of millions Over the near future, we hope to expand our projects to other countries and regions in the world. If you would like to partner with Medical Relief International please get in touch.