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It takes many people with a wide variety of skills and experiences to positively influence a community. We welcome anyone wanting to become part of our MRI Volunteers Network.
Becoming an MRI Ambassador It takes many people with a wide variety of skills and experiences to positively influence a community. We welcome anyone wanting to become part of our MRI Ambassadors Network. MRI Ambassidors are involved in one-time events as well as ongoing commitments. Some choose to volunteer with all our projects whereas others are more selective depending on what they feel are their expertise, interests and availability. Volunteers can work on their own or with others; do hands-on work or volunteer at an administrative and support level. Reasons for Becoming an MRI Ambassador. What makes MRI unique? Medical Relief International (MRI) is one of the UK's leading medical specific charities specialising in medical aid distribution, treatment and international disability support programs. MRI Ambassadors give their time for many reasons: The opportunity to help someone in need: Real happiness of the heart is only achieved through bringing happiness to the heart of another! Every MRI Ambassidor has their own journey they've embarked upon, their own compelling story to tell which has inspired them to join the MRI Ambassidors Network. What brings this very diverse group together? Our shaired mission, the delivery of hope is an essential medicinal ingredient which promises to change lives forever!  Give something back to their local community: When the world has dealt us a good turn, we mustn't forget about those on our very own doorstep who haven't been as fortunate as ourselves. MRI Ambassidors succeed through their selfless burning desire to support the weak and help the poor. Whether it is through coming out on trips with our clients who have special needs, helping out in our call centre or assisting in the development of our programs, every MRI Ambassidor is a pivotal part of our life changing work. Boost their confidence: MRI Ambassadors Network operates a fully inclusive policy which invites everyone and excludes no one! Helping someone less fortunate does wonders for your self steam. The MRI Ambassidors Network develops your strengths and helps to overcome your weaknesses through aiding you in averting those barriers preventing you from personal progression. Prepare for returning to work or to progress their career: Success breeds success! The MRI Ambassadors Network is full of amazing people all of whom are very skilled in their own respective professions. By coming together we can teach and learn from one another in a friendly family all of whom unite under the banner of delivering hope, changing lives. It is not just the lives of our beneficiaries that change through the work of MRI. You will see changes in your own life to as you join us on this unique journey.
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