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Project Description

Gaza Appeal

Gaza Aid And Gaza Support: The crisis in Gaza caused by decades of political instability has rendered the Gaza Strip’s poorest who now make up the vast majority, helpless, suffering from starvation and desperate for urgent humanitarian assistance which can only be achieved through poverty elevation and poverty eradication. The Gaza crisis has not only resulted in the loss of thousands of human lives but also the loss of thousands of animals in Gaza. Prior to Palestine unfortunately becoming a place of extreme poverty and conflict, the people of Gaza were heavily reliant on agriculture in order to live. However, now that the cattle have been killed, Gaza’s people have no source of viable income to feed themselves and their desperate families. Gaza news reports of this place being the largest open prison on earth according to humanitarian agencies are undisputed. We must all come together and help the people of Gaza through giving essential Palestine charity donations as the cries of Mothers pleading: “feed my starving children,” can be heard far and wide in Gaza itself and in neighbouring refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria where millions of Palestinians have fled to with the absence of Gaza support due to them being made refugees in their own home. We must help Palestine especially it’s starving children who are the chief victims of the war in Gaza because no child should have to cope with extreme hunger, waiting many pain-staking weeks for the food crisis to end with not even a morsel of bread to eat in order to survive.

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This Gaza charity that we give is not just desired but essential as humanitarian aid costs in the aftermath of wide-scale bombing, shelling and blood shed along with a desperate need for people to donate to Gaza in order to cover people’s basic standard of living are resulting in additional stresses on Gaza’s now very fragile donor based economy. Medical Relief International’s Pound Poverty program is that ray of light at the end of a very dark tunnel of misery for the Gaza people. We provide Gazan families with meals, taking care of their every dietary need. Our food products are locally sourced to ensure costs are kept low and that the dietary requirements of Gaza’s community are taken in to account when preparing these meals. Not only do our food parcels contain food for the children and adults but also baby milk for the babies of Gaza. At a time when Gaza’s birth rate is at one of the highest points in it’s history, this holistic approach adopted in food distribution which takes in to account all of the family regardless of age is essential for the survival of a community inflicted by war, poverty and destitution. For only £60 please provide food to feed a family of 6 in Gaza for an entire month.


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