Eid Celebration For Disabled Children

EID was a smashing event! after the success of last years Eid Celebration for disabled children Medical Relief International decided we needed to do one bigger and better this year.

In this part of the world there is an atmosphere where disabled children and their families carry a stigma but not at our center or at our party! The children were the limelight of the celebration! A truly a happy occasion for all to enjoy and be part of one community coming together.

You could hear the music and DJ from the street, and as the children entered the activity hall provided by MRI, it was sure to be an awesome day….there was a stage that promised a theatre something that these children have never had!

The walls were decorated, there were streamers, carpets with flashing lights, balloons to start off the event. Everyone wore their brand-new clothes to the party that they received days before from MRI all thanks to our donors.

Some of the children were able to go shopping and choose their own complete outfit with shoes! In turn each one got to choose the face paint design of their wildest imagination done by a professional artist at the party, pictures shared on our facebook and instagram page. The theatre puppet show kept the children spellbound and the performance ended with small gifts for everyone which was a perfect end to the puppet show.

After their energy was almost depleted came a spectacular lunch for almost 100 hungry mouths chicken, vegetables and rice, yoghurt, juice and more than enough of everything having cooked 60 chickens!! And for the really fun part toys, and gift bags.

Each toy bag had the child’s name written on it to give it the personal touch. And the gift bag had chocolate, juice, small toys, school supplies, stickers and little odds and of things that the children could also share with their brothers and sisters.

Almost 60 kids attended the Eid Party all dressed up in new their clothes with shiny shoes, a surprise visit from Mickey Mouse from Disney.

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