New Campaigns Launched

Medical Relief International (MRI) is proud to announce the launch of our 3 flag-ship campaigns which aim to make the world a better place through making medical procedures, medicine and medical expertise readily available to all! Ray Of HopePound Poverty and Pouring Mercy focus on the key needs and aspirations of every human being!

Pound Poverty, delivering a killer blow to food poverty itself!

Every night, 1 billion people, 6 hundred million of them innocent children go to sleep hungry with out a morsle of bread to eat. This leads to a multitude of medical difficulties, health complications and serious cases of life threatening illnesses with food being one of the basic necessities for survival. Pound Poverty by Medical Relief International (MRI) provides nutritious life saving meals to orphans, widows, poor and needy people worldwide with a particular focus on people with disabilities who are often the most marginalised in society. Very often, when food distributions take place those with disabilities are frequently left out as they are un able to wait in cues for food, un able to travel to these distributions due to limitations in suitable transportation and un able to eat some types of food due to a specific medical condition they may have. At Pound Poverty by Medical Relief International (MRI) we take all of these factors in to account when putting the legistics in place for our food distribution programs to ensure people with disabilities are katored for to the best standard possible. This is achieved by putting these meals together with close consultation with local Doctors, dietitions and health experts in the community to ensure they are conducive to what is required to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. The content of our nutritious meals vary from country to country depending on local dietary requirements and preferences. Please feed a family in Syria where over half of the population is starving to death for only £100 or feed a family in Gaza where we currently have a 100 percent donor dependent economy for only £60 by calling: 0300 80 80 800 or Pound Poverty online via: www.medical-relief.org

Ray Of Hope.

Those with disabilities around the world are often forced to suffer in silence. With regressive sterriotypes frequently rife in many communities, we at Medical Relief International regard it as our obligation to address this issue head-on and to deliver hope to those who feel no hope is left. One of Medical Relief International’s founders, the broadcaster and MRI’s Communications Director, Ahmad Bostan has been a campaigner for disability rights over many years being registered blind since birth himself. Ahmad said: “After the sudden death of my 27 year old cousin Umar Farooq Ahmed who suffered from multiple disabilities back in 2014, I felt the world had let him down in failing to provide for his most basic needs. This broke my heart and after speaking with and being made aware of thousands of people with disabilities who are on the brink of suicide, prisoners in their own home, suffering from very serious cases of depression with many of them feeling no point in waking up in the morning, I knew we needed to do something about this thus began Medical Relief International and the Ray Of Hope program.” MRI’s Chairman, Dr Wleed Haq added: “The Ray Of Hope program aims to be one of a kind in the services it will provide to people with disabilities worldwide. Being a Dentist by profession, I know how people with disabilities are often un able to access medical and other statutory services even here in the United Kingdom that is why our Ray Of Hope initiative will be just as active at home as it will be abroad.” Ray Of Hope by Medical Relief International (MRI) has began operating in Pakistan and the United Kingdom with a view to expand very soon to address the needs of this forgotten community. Please support us today and give a Ray Of Hope to those with disabilities during their darkest hour of need. See the world through their eyes. Please call: 0300 80 80 800 or support us online via: www.medical-relief.org

Pouring Mercy.

Pouring Mercy by Medical Relief International (MRI) is an absolutely essential project the MRI team are very proud to announce. In a world where we can spend millions of dollars on expeditions to the moon, it is a heart renching fact that 1.7 billion people in the world do not have access to clean, fresh and portable water. This has resulted in 80 percent of the developing world’s illnesses being water poverty related with many children, people with disabilities, the vulnerable and the elderly forced to drink dirty, cholera and typhoid ridden water. Dr Wleed Haq, Chair of Medical Relief International said: “As someone who has travelled to many water scares communities around the world, I have experienced first hand the devastating impact water poverty can have on the lives of a family. As a Father to 2 beautiful children, it broke my heart to see many young daughters, as young as 7 or 8 years of age force to carry 25 kg of dirty water on their heads day in and day out resulting in not only major joint problems in later life but also such work makes them un able to access education or to have children in future.” Medical Relief International’s Pouring Mercy program is building life saving water wells worldwide as well as conducting awareness exercises to educate local people on the effects of drinking dirty cholera and typhoid ridden water. Please help us to change futures today through making clean water a necessity available to all!


It takes kind donors and people with a wide variety of skills and experiences to positively influence the world. We welcome donors and anyone wanting to become part of our MRI Volunteers Network.