Qurbani 2018

Donating Your Qurbani

Donating your Qurbani to Medical Relief International. By donating your Qurbani for just £45 to Medical Relief International, you’ll be ensuring that families living in poverty will receive meat during the celebratory days of Eid ul Adha thanks to your Qurbani Donation. Each Qurbani Donation will be boxed and packaged which will include 10KG of Rice for each share of the Qurbani that is donated.

Your Qurbani Donations Help To Feed The Poor

What is most important to Medical Relief International is that 100% of your Qurbani Donation will feed desperately hungry people in Sri Lanka. Many will receive your Qurbani across the days of Eid al-Adha this will ensure that they can celebrate and rejoice in the festival of Al Adha with their families and loved ones. Medical Relief International has been carrying out your Qurbanis In Sri Lanka for a number of years, so trust Medical Relief International to make this year your best Qurbani Donation yet.

Your Donations Count!

As a charity we rely heavily on your donations to run our projects, whether it be your Zakat, Sadaqa or general donations, every penny counts and every penny makes a Big Difference!! If you’d like to donate a one off payment or set up a standing order then please use the link below!

Make A Donation To Medical Relief International

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