This Ramadan has truly been one of the busiest Ramadan Appeals Medical Relief International has had in the last few years, Our Palestinian and Syrian Ramadan Appeal struck a chord with many of our donors resulting in over 15,000 meals delivered during the last 10 days of Ramadan 2018.

Approximately 241 families received food packages on June 13th in one of our largest single day distributions for food and water distribution for the many refugee families. That’s roughly about 1446 people who received food for approximately 10 days to finish up our Ramadan Appeal and carry them on into the Eid celebration.

Providing an estimated 14,460 meals. The families came from not just the village of Dlayl but the entire surrounding region in the Zarqaa Governate. These families included a broad range of Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian, Yemeni, Bedouin, Egyptian, Iraqi families, & of course within this spectrum of families were orphans, handicapped children, the elderly, the hard of hearing & the visually impaired & people are who are really struggling.

The distribution took place under the roof that Medical Relief International built last year to provide protection & relief from the relentless desert sun. Medical Relief International volunteers helped to prepare the boxes with logos, & to carry out the distribution.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this Ramadan 2018 possible!!

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