Ramadan 2018 Overview

Medical Relief International (MRI) Ramadan 2018 campaign has been an overwhelming success, with over 1100 food packs sponsored, across Jordan for palestinians and syrian refugees many of which were disabled families that get little or no help at all,  MRI also distributed across the eastern regions of Sri Lanka for the poor and needy.  

Tackling food poverty itself in Ramadan!

Every night, 1 billion people, 6 hundred million of them innocent children go to sleep hungry with out a morsel of bread to eat. This leads to a multitude of medical difficulties, health complications and serious cases of life threatening illnesses with food being one of the basic necessities for survival. Ramadan food packs provided by Medical Relief International (MRI) provides nutritious and essential meal support to orphans, widows, poor and needy Syrians and Palestinians and in Jordan and the poor and the needy in Sri Lanka. Our key focus across both countries has always been on those with disabilities who are often the most marginalised in society. Very often, when food distributions take place those with disabilities are frequently left out as they are unable to wait in cues for food, unable to travel to these distributions due to limitations in suitable transportation and unable to eat some types of food due to a specific medical condition they may have. At Medical Relief International (MRI) we take all of these factors in to account when planning and implementing our distribution and logistics in place for our food distribution programs to ensure people with disabilities are catered for to the best standard possible. This is achieved by putting these meals together with close consultation with local Doctors, dietitians and health experts in the community to ensure they are conducive to what is required to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. The content of our nutritious meals vary from country to country depending on local dietary requirements and preferences. Please feed a family in Jordan where over half of the population in some areas are war torn refugees from Syria for only £40 or feed a family in Sri Lanka for only £30 by calling: 0300 80 80 800 or online via: www.medical-relief.org/donate

Your Donations Count!

As a charity we rely heavily on your donations to run our Ramadan Appeal projects, whether it be your Zakat, Sadaqa donations, every penny counts and every penny makes a Big Difference!! If you’d like to donate a one off payment or set up a standing order then please use the link below!


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